Hello and welcome to my new site!


As I am constantly working and updating my animations and footage clips, it is difficult to keep the site updated with all my new uploads!


The best place to view my clips in one place is on Pond5.


To view my entire portfolio (over 1k clips), click here.


The clips I make are unique.  I don't follow the herd, I lead the herd!


Take for example my dancing Santa animations. 

The genre of dancing Santa didn't exist in 2010 when I started creating these clips. Now, if you search, there are literally thousands, all trying to mimic my best selling Santa clips!

Click here to view my Santa and Christmas clips.


I have been a professional artist for 15 years.  Working in a studio and freelance, I have worked on films, tv series, documentaries, commercials, poster and dvd artwork, matchmoving, 3d modelling, 3d rendering, liquid simulations, rigid body simulations, rotoscoping, editing, compositing...

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